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Why Purchase From US
  • No wait time. Materials are mixed only when needed.
  • Concrete mixer drum does not allow any foreign material to enter concrete load.
  • Vast improvement in the quality and uniformity of concrete.
  • Enhanced speed of construction.
  • Savings in labour.
  • Reduction in wastage & Storage costs.
  • Environmental conservation aspect whereby the surroundings site remains clean.

About Concrete Mixer Kenya

Concrete Mixer Kenya is a leading supplier of portable mixers; highly popular because of their portability, purchase and maintenance cost.

A concrete mixer is a machine that homogeneously mixes cement, aggregate such as sand, gravel, and water to form concrete.

With their small size and easy portability, it is easy to use them even in the most remote parts of the country. Our concrete mixers for sale in Kenya can fit in the trunk of most vehicles while large capacity units can be towed easily on wheels or hoisted onto pick-up trucks for a a much longer distance.

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AICO 400L Concrete mixer - Ksh 210,000

Other Products

AICO Poker Vibrator {with Chinese Shaft} - Ksh 30,000

Honda Poker Vibrator {with Spanish Shaft)- Ksh 57,000

Spartan Poker Vibrator {with Malaysian Shaft)- Ksh 39,000

400L Menegotti Concrete Mixer Specifications (Made in Brazil)

  • Drum Capacity: 400L
  • Mixing Capacity: 310L
  • Number of cycles per hour: 15
  • Production per hr: 4.65m3
  • Engine Power: 5.5hp
  • Engine Type: Air cooled, 4 stroke Diesel engine
  • Drum Rotation: 28 Hz
  • Dimensions with skip lowered: 2135x1008x1466
  • Wheels: 13' Pneumatic Rim
  • Flywheel protection: Steel Plate
  • Rental Mode: Has reinforced frame for longer lifespan
  • Country of Origin: Brazil

400L AICO Concrete Mixer Specifications

  • Drum capacity: 400L
  • Model: AC406
  • Power Engine: 6HP Diesel Engine
  • Engine Type: Air-cooled Diesel Engine 178FS(6HP)
  • Tyre Size and Number: 4x(4.00-12)
  • Engine Speed: 1800 r/min
  • Mixing Capacity: 300L
  • Productivity: 5-6m3/h
  • Bags of cement per Batch: 1 Bag
  • Drum Rotation Speed: 25-30 rpm
  • Upper Drum Thickness: 3mm
  • Bottom Drum Thickness: 4 mm
  • Total Weight: 315 kg
  • Overall Size: LXWXH 2160x1200x1750mm

How it Works

Choosing The

Concrete Mixer Kenya

A concrete mixer is a machine used to acquire a homogenous mixture of cement and the other aggregates (sand, gravel and water) required when making concrete. A concrete mixer makes work easier and faster. If you are in the market for a reliable, durable and efficient concrete mixer in Kenya then you should consider the AICO brand. The AICO concrete mixer in Kenya is brand is trusted by many construction workers and contractors in Kenya.

Benefits of Using a Concrete Mixer

What do you get for your investment in a quality concrete mixer like AICO? Here are some few benefits;

It males mixing concrete extremely easy – before, making concrete used to be a backbreaking task feared by many. It doesn't have to be anymore. With a concrete mixer you get homogenously mixed concrete quickly and easily.

Quality work – when you use a quality concrete mixer, the end result is a quality concrete that is homogenously mixed. This quality concrete translates to the quality of your work.

Saves time – a concrete mixer really saves on time which makes projects move on quickly.

Can be a source of livelihood – for youth groups and young Kenyans looking to venture into the construction industry, having a simple machine like a concrete mixer is a great way to start off. The machine can easily be put on hire to generate income.

Why Choose the AICO Concrete Mixer in Kenya?

You already know the benefits of owning a concrete mixer but why should you choose the AICO brand? Here are some reasons why;

Quality – if you have been searching for concrete mixer for sale in Kenya, the AICO brand must have come up. The AICO brand has become synonymous with quality. You will also find it in many construction sites around the country. The frame and the drum are made of heavy-duty steel to ensure that the product is not wobbly. This mixer will give you decades of service.

Flexibility – The AICO concrete mixer is a portable mixer which gives you the flexibility you need. The mixer is easy to tow around or carry on a truck to a construction site. It is also not so bulky and therefore fits in small openings that allow you to easily pour the concrete right where it is needed. You save time and effort on transporting the concrete all through the construction site.

Independence – For small contractors or those that are starting out, independence is important. If you do not have reliable staff, you might find yourself in the bind when your clients need you the most. With the AICO concrete mixer, you only need to have a few reliable employees and the mixer will do the rest for you.

Reliability – The AICO brand is a brand you can rely on. Their concrete mixers are quality made with powerful and reliable diesel-powered engines that you can always depend on. The engine is air cooled to ensure optimal performance regardless of how long you want to keep the mixer running.

Efficiency – there are two engines for the two models, a 6HP for the 400L capacity and 10HP for the 500L capacity. The engines are optimized with the load to ensure that you get the best output while keeping the running costs to the minimum. It therefore means that you will not be spending a lot on fuel which might eat on your profits.

Price – one of the biggest concerns people have when purchasing mixers is the concrete mixer prices in Kenya. The AICO brand offers real value for your money. It is a quality product that lasts for many years. It also comes with innovative features that give the best performance without raising the price. The mixer doesn't contain unnecessary features that might raise the purchase price and increase maintenance expenses.

AICO Concrete Mixer Models

AICO concrete mixers are available in two models. The first one is the 500L drum capacity with an engine power of 10HP and 1800 rpm speed. The other is the 400L drum capacity with an engine power of 6HP and 1800 rpm speed. Both engines are diesel powered.

Unlike electric mixers, the diesel-powered engines are more powerful and give you the flexibility of movement at a site. These big drum capacities ensure that you can handle all project sizes with ease.

You search for a concrete mixer for sale in Kenya ends here. Get yourself the AICO concrete mixer (400L or 500L model) depending on your needs and enjoy the best concrete mixer in Kenya.