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Concrete Mixer Prices in Kenya

One of the biggest factors many people consider when buying a concrete mixer is the price. However, the price shouldn't be the only factor to consider. Other factors like durability, efficiency, reliability, and capacity need to be put into consideration. When all the factors you need have been addressed then then you can easily be able to consider whether that particular concrete mixer is worth the money or not.

The AICO concrete mixer is the real value for money. Thisis a machine that checks all the right boxes and has a great price point. The AICO concrete mixer is available in two different models differing in capacity and engine power. The higher capacity one comes with a 500L drum and is powered by a diesel engine running at 1800 rpm able to produce 10HP. The smaller model has a 400L drum and is powered by the same engine but producing 6HP.

These engine capacities are powerful enough to handle the load with ease while using the least amount of fuel. These mixers are the most efficient in the market today so you get to keep most of your profits. Also, AICO concrete mixers are reliable. With AICO you spend your time working not fixing one problem or the other as is the case with many unreliable concrete mixers out there.

AICO concrete mixers hit the right price bracket too for many contractors big and small in the country. If you are in the market for that one concrete mixer that will give you many years of service without maintenance problems then you should consider the AICO brand. The concrete mixer also comes with an industry leading warranty so you can be sure of the quality you are paying for.

Get yourself the AICO concrete mixer and see your business grow.